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We believe music is the most beautiful way to reach people’s hearts.

The International Music Center (IMC), has devoted itself for more than 25 years to organizing concert tours for amateur ensembles of all sizes and abilities (schools, community groups and adult ensembles)…

We have organized over 1000 concerts, exhibitions, art events, choir meetings, master classes and workshops in this area for more than 82.000 participants from Italy, Germany, Denmark, Canada, Russia, Norway, USA, Sweden, Swiss, Greece, Finland, Estonia, Croatia, Japan, Cyprus, Latvia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, North Macedonia, Bulgaria, Israel …

Unique and unmatched friendships were made with artists and art lovers from all over the world.
Through the language of art we can get to know each other, achieve the understanding, recognition and respect of the diversity in the world.


Perform concerts in astonishing locations across West Balkan!

We are the leading organizers of customized performance tours and the preferred representative of festivals around the West Balkan for choirs, bands and orchestras. We offer the highest standard of services and outstanding performance opportunities for your ensemble.

We are permanently searching for the best possible locations for groups to perform. We work with you to create a performance opportunity that matches the audience and acoustic experience you are looking for and plan a fully detailed itinerary with your suggestions to ensure an educational and rewarding experience.

Concert Publicity

We deal with successful concert promotion. In order to ensure that you have an audience, we work closely with our partner companies and music organizations to offer the best marketing for the performance of the visiting choir. We pair up ensembles with local musicians for joint Friendship Concerts.
We keep the local organizing teams informed about any of your special needs in details, such as your type of music group; your technical requirements or any wishes that you might have.


Additionally, we design and print posters to advertize your concerts throughout the regions where you’ll be performing. We cooperate with our partners to publish advertisements in local papers, add concerts to local calendars of events, and often have the upcoming concert announced on the radio, TV and social media network.


IMC uses services of only 2-4 star hotels with various amenities that will make everyone feel comfortable and well-rested while on tour. We are also happy to offer alternative types of accommodations, such as university dorms or youth hostels, depending on your group’s needs.

Tour Management

Our tour managers are experienced travelers who know the regions your group will visit very closely. They are experts in dealing with the needs of musicians, from venue expectations to the appropriate rehearsal conditions. They are experienced in taking care of the needs and interests of a large and diverse group of performers away from their homes.

Complimentary Orientation Trips for Directors

These Orientation Trips allow directors to visit their choir’s destination city about six months in advance of traveling, see firsthand the hotels where their singers will stay, and visit the venues where they will perform. Additionally, festival Orientation Trips offer you the opportunity to meet other directors who will be bringing their choirs to the festival later in the year. Led by an experienced member of our staff, these Orientation Trips enable you, as a director, to be as prepared as possible for your upcoming adventure with your choir.

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International Choir Festival

Dear friends of choral music from all over the world!
Welcome to CANTEMUS International Choir Festival, 25-29. June 2020. Novi Sad, Zrenjanin, (Vojvodina - Serbia).

Our idea is to create and promote sophisticated sounds of quality music fostering various kinds and styles of singing. We would like to introduce our audience foreign guests from the world of music to exchange ideas and experiences through meetings of ensembles, conductors, music experts and managers. The organization is proud to present a unique and versatile program, high level of competition and cooperation with concert organizers and choirs from the Region of Western Balkan.

The CANTEMUS INTERNATIONAL CHOIR FESTIVAL is open to all genres of choral singing, accapela or with instrumental accompaniment, according to the rules and regulations for each category defined.

To download Festival rules and informations click here.
For Application form please click here.

International Singing Week

International Singing Week, Novi Sad 01-08. July 2020.

Come to us to Novi Sad, the "European Capital of Culture 2021", a beautiful city on the banks of the Danube River! Sing with us in carefully selected ateliers to suit different tastes, with open singing, choir-to-choir concerts and musical program for children. Adult choirs, youth choirs, adult singers, young conductors and accompanists are welcomed as well.

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